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Eye Exams: What does an eye exam consist of?

Pretests: Gathering of important data to help the optometrist assess the health of your eyes:

These tests may include:
visual acuity: checks your level of vision with an eye chart
autorefraction: an automated objective measurement of refractive error (how the eye focuses)
autokeratometry: an automated measurement of the curvature of the eye
visual field screening (if applicable): test of peripheral vision (“side vision”)
digital retinal photos: photos of important parts of the eye to monitor changes

History: The optometrist will ask you questions about your visual demands in your job or hobbies, and any specific problems you are experiencing with your vision. This helps the optometrist make a recommendation for the best option in correcting your vision while considering your lifestyle.

There will be questions about your general health and medications you may be taking. Some systemic health problems can be detected in the eyes, and sometimes, are seen before you experience symptoms and some medications can cause side effects in the eyes.

Ocular Health: The eye exam consists of examining the external and internal structures of the eye and looking for ocular disorders or diseases and sometimes can also discover systemic problems (such as high cholesterol)

Binocular Vision: Binocular vision tests assess how well the the eyes work together in coordinated movements. This is important in maintaining comfortable vision and avoiding double vision, in some cases.

Refraction: This is the main part of the eye exam used to determine whether any vision correction is necessary and from this test the optometrist can give you a prescription that will give the best possible vision.

Diagnosis and Treatment: At the end of the exam there will be a discussion of your vision and the health of your eyes. The optometrist will then recommend the most appropriate method of correcting the patient's vision, whether it be eye glasses, contact lenses, laser correction or no correction.

Optional items in your eye exam:

Laser Surgery Co-management: Dr. Elizabeth Lai has previous work experience at a laser center in Toronto. She is able to examine your eyes and make a recommendation on whether you would be a good candidate for laser refractive surgery and counsel on possible outcomes. Dr. Lai would be happy to discuss laser refractive correction with you.
Dr. Lai is affiliated with TLC Laser Eye Centers. For more information:

Contact Lenses: When it comes to contact lenses, Dr. Lai believes in fitting the latest in contact lens technology at All About Eyecare. She regularly takes the time to meet with contact lens companies to keep up with the latest advancements. The newest contact lenses have improved the amount of oxygen that gets to the eye and improved the comfort, so you can wear your contacts longer. Dr. Lai recommends to her patients a contact lens that will keep their eyes healthy and fit their lifestyle needs.

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